Alkhzaimi, Hoda

Alkhzaimi, Hoda

Director of Center Cyber Security
New York University Abu Dhabi

Hoda A.Alkhzaimi is currently the Director of Center of Cyber Security in New York University AD and a research assistant professor in New York University. She served in different posts for research and development in the Technology development sector for the past years. She also played a specific role in developing Cyber Security and Cryptology research and development ecosystems. She headed the Department of Research and Development for Cyber Security and Cryptology in different national initiatives in the United Arab Emirates along with her associations to different security initiatives nationally and internationally. She consults for special projects with national and international technology development initiatives.

Alkhzaimi has a specific expertise in cryptology; cryptanalysis, constructing and validating security hardware and software components, constructing trusted security architectures for different environments in different products for the respective industries. Hoda Alkhzaimi obtained her PhD in Cryptanalysis from Denmark Technical University. Her current research interests include Space, Aerospace, and UAV and autonomous systems security, constructing and analyzing cryptographic primitives, validating and investigating links between different cryptanalytic approaches and utilizing cryptographic primitives in different cybersecurity architectures as in Internet of Things and big data analysis among others. Her research includes analysis of the effect of machine learning techniques on improving security analytics.

Hoda is the president of Emirates Digital Association for Women a non-for-profit organization endorsed by the ministry of social affairs in the UAE that supports national and international initiatives that aims to empower economic and educational development for diverse communities with specific focus on women and children. This includes, yet not limited to, establishing, and creating ecosystems that support sustainable business development in the UAE and the international scene which supports indigenous growth of local economies. She is as well the strategic director for Women In Artificial Intelligence research international community that aims to improve the scientific and professional positioning of women’s contributions within the field especially in the MENA region. She is the lead of Women In Engineering Chapter in Abu Dhabi and the UAE lead for INWES MENA which is the global network for organizations of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. She is currently focusing on building sustainable economic ecosystems and investments for valuable technological and industrial impacts.

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